Fall Cleaning (of the Most Important Space: Your Closet!)

I read this really great article a couple of years ago and am surprised everyday when I find out that others haven’t heard of this idea. Therefore, I’ve decided to share it here! 🙂

You know how we hoard fall clothes…. as in I hear myself telling my husband, “But I wore that faux fur shawl 3 years ago at the outdoor concert in October.” Sure, it might not be appropriate for a barbecue (the smoke gets in the fur), or a nice dinner out (because it’s pretty cheap faux fur), or even a realistic daytime outfit (the color is off and it hits me in a funny way)… but it’s my faux fur shawl I got in New York 6 years ago! That’s when it hits me: I can donate (or sell) my old clothes that I’m not wearing anymore and buy shiny NEW clothes for fall!

Last fall, when hanging up my fall and winter clothes, I turned all of the hangers around so they were facing backwards. The clothes were organized on the rack in ROYGBIV colors (I did learn something in High School science class) and, as I wore each piece, I turned the hanger back the correct way. By springtime, anything that was still on a backwards hanger was donated or sold (unless it was actually a memory celebrated in a piece of clothing), and I am now using the money I’ll get back from a tax refund to buy new fall clothes! Plus, I’m 8 months pregnant so I am currently shopping for an ideal body type (I am under the assumption that within 6 weeks after this baby is born I’ll have Jillian Michaels’ abs).

Are there any tricks you’ve learned to clean out your closet? Share them with me— I’m dying to know!!


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