How To…. Create a Farmhouse Centerpiece Box

So I’ve been searching for a rustic centerpiece box for years now and couldn’t find the right one. They were too perfect or too rustic (as in, my children’s hands would bleed if they got too close!) and I had pretty much given up.

Then, randomly, I was in Hudson, WI and stumbled across an antique shop there that had the most incredibly unique gifts. They had amazing jewelry, furniture, trinkets, books and….. a CENTERPIECE BOX! I instantly fell in love… it was rustic and grainy without having splintering wood, and it was the perfect size! I immediately snatched it up and ran to Michael’s.

Here’s the thing: I am a plant person: I have an indoor herb garden (for a later post!) and half a dozen plants throughout my house; however, most plants that need zero light aren’t that pretty… and when you have a super rustic centerpiece box you want to make what is inside of it feminine and pretty (i.e. FLOWERS!). Having that “rustic glam” look is easy…. just make sure and mix the masculine with the feminine.

Centerpiece 1


Here’s a close up of the box after I decorated it. Of course, I can’t find the “before” picture and I’m not about to go back in there and reorganize it (I AM a mom of 3….) so here ya go.

I always keep stacks of Mason Jars on hand because I love the rustic feel they can give to anything! So, on my Michael’s trip, I grabbed plenty of filler (Moss Filler for the base of the box) and a lot of green florals. I also grabbed another jar of stone (filler) to anchor the plants. I put it all together in a way that balances out the colors and textures and I staggered the mason jars to give it some dimension…

Centerpiece 2


It should be symmetrical but not matching exactly. Don’t go too crazy with color because you want it to be simple and cohesive.

Voila! You’ve updated your farmhouse dining room table to rustic glam!


Centerpiece 3Dining Room


I had to post the last pic because Zelda photobombed…. THAT FACE!!!!!

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