Maternity Style- 37 weeks & Toddler Style- Way Cuter

So I’ve had enough- I’m sick of being pregnant. Everyday tops out at 70 degrees and it’s becoming the perfect fall weather for fashion. I can’t WAIT… Read more “Maternity Style- 37 weeks & Toddler Style- Way Cuter”

Maternity Style, 20 Weeks- Part 2

Maternity Style, 20 Weeks- Part 2

Here’s my second 20 week maternity-style photo! Here I’m wearing a Press Ruffle Tank (I love the ruffles, they hide my growing belly since I’m not at the point where it’s obvious I’m pregnant! This will also work great for the women like me who carry their weight in their stomachs when not pregnant!), a Fashionista Floral Bomber Jacket (I am LOVING the bomber jacket trend!), and the AG Maternity Legging. I’ve paired it with Dr. Scholl’s black wedges (the comfiest wedges I’ve ever worn)!

I’ve worn this outfit before with my black Chanel sneakers as well… the wedges dress it up, the sneakers dress it down 🙂

Maternity Style: 20 weeks- Part 1

Maternity Style: 20 weeks- Part 1

I’m at the point where I’m not obviously pregnant yet… I just look like I’ve eaten too much 🙂 I’m probably going to be at the “cover the belly” stage for another week or two… then I’ll show it and embrace it!

Here, I’ve worn a floral tank by Allison Joy (and I layered an orange tank under it), with a Sanctuary Cammo jacket (both from Hot Mama), maternity AG Legging Jeans with Tod’s oxfords (these are my FAVORITE SHOES right now! I’m obsessed!). This is my “mom-on-the-go” style 🙂

I love wearing orange and camo together— camo and olive can really be seen as a neutral now which is really exciting. Pretend like it’s brown when pairing it with other colors and prints!