Toddler Fashion- Olive Vest

Fiona- StylishHere’s Fiona at Grandma’s house looking extra trendy! She loves her vests… this one is great because it’s military style so if you add a cute, feminine hairstyle she looks darling!

Photo 2 of Fiona’s Vest Obession

Photo 2 of Fiona's Vest Obession

I don’t know if I should be proud or terrified that my toddler already does the “Arm-On-Hip” pose. (aka the chicken wing pose). That damn vest… I love it but she won’t do anything without it on (I even had to layer it under another jacket to go to the park– she was so bulky she could barely go down the slide)!!

Fiona’s New Vest

Fiona's New Vest

Fiona is obsessed with her new vest. She runs around the house (at full speed) yelling, “JACKET! JACKET! JACKET!” (although to someone who isn’t her mom, it’s probably sound like “YAKA!”). She won’t let me take it off. Ever. Even when I get her ready for bed… she ends up walking around in just a diaper and her vest. It’s super classy.

She’s also wearing my hat here. Too cute.